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Welcome to my page!

Unfortunately, this is not a page I have time to keep up to date with! For any information about Bretton Does Nails, please see my Instagram page @bretton.does.nails. This is the best place to contact me, as well as keeping up to date with everything happening!

That being said, here are a few things! I have moved my business out of Mane Attraction hair salon and into a room in my home. I am also expecting my first child in September, and will be going on mat leave at the end of August. When I return to work, it will be a different structure, but I won’t know what that is until the baby is here and I can plan around them.

Have a great day!

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April is for New Things!


Spring is here (well, it was), and with it comes fresh starts! Time to try something new! From April 1-30, 2021, try a gel polish pedicure for the price of a classic, or add Nail Guard to your gel polish manicure for free!

Gel polish is a great option for toes if you like your polish to last longer. It usually grows off your toes before it chips, and is safe removal is a free appointment! It also requires zero dry time, so if you want to put socks and shoes on immediately it is a great option.

Nail Guard is a soak off gel that adds strength to your nails. It can help weak or fragile nails to grow longer without a lot of extra bulk, and it leaves no damage on your nails. It can also help your gel manicure last for longer!

If you have ever wanted to try these options, now is a great time to try it for free!

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